World Ocean Day

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a water-nut. Between swimming, snorkeling, free-diving, spearfishing, scuba diving and all the other water activities I do and have done, I’ve spent the majority of my life around, in, or near water.

So today’s important for me. World Ocean DaTGS-20150519-0003
y was first suggested by Canada on an Earth Summit, and was later recognised by the UN. It is a day of celebrating the oceans and promoting their protection.
Because they need our protection. Between plastic garbage pollution, global warming, and industrialized fishing, the threat to the
oceans have never been greater. But there’s also hope. A 20-year-old Dutch inventor wants to clean up the oceans using the world’s largest floatation device (more on this on Scuba Diver Life later this month), and the UK just announced that they are creating the world’s largest marine sanctuary. Good people around the world are mobilising, and have been for a long time, to try and save the oceans we are so deeply dependent on.

So find your favourite oTGS-20150519-0002cean protection cause, and send them a bit of money today, or sign a petition such as the WWF’s to protect the Great Barrier Reef. Today’s the best day to do it. Because as one of my personal heroes, Dr. Sylvia Earle, said it: “No ocean, no Earth. No blue, no green”.


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