RIP Innovation Lab

The innovation lab is dead. Long live innovation. The heyday of the corporate innovation lab is most likely past us now. At least I'm seeing more and more corporations shut down their labs. And to be honest, with some of the labs I've had a chance to visit the past year or two, I've had … Continue reading RIP Innovation Lab

Your Weekly Dose of Good News, part 1

A weekly look at some good news from the world of tech, science, and humanity. In the beginning of the movie "Love Actually", Hugh Grant states in a voice-over that "General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed", but that he disagrees. Today, there seems to be … Continue reading Your Weekly Dose of Good News, part 1

Work is a verb, not a noun

For more and more roles in workplace, work is something you do, not somewhere you are. I've been a big fan of work location (and time) flexibility. I've always found that different places inspire different kinds of work. And while a good work environment at the office is important to me, as are good colleagues, … Continue reading Work is a verb, not a noun

Boots On The Stairs

Why We Must Expect It To Happen Here In every part of the world, cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital ethics are very much on the agenda. I’ve noticed that it is a discussion with three main counterpoints, and a plethora of standpoints in between. First, there’s what I call the privacy first approach. Proponents of … Continue reading Boots On The Stairs

Your privacy policy (probably) sucks

Many of us have one. All of us have agreed to one. And they pretty much all suck. I'm talking privacy policies here. And the reason I think they suck is because of all the ones I've read (and I've read quite a few), they've all taken liberties that go beyond their core needs. But, … Continue reading Your privacy policy (probably) sucks

Blockchain for other people

Blockchain isn't just a technology for the rich, spoiled day traders of Bitcoin (see what I think of Bitcoin as an investment vessel here). FastCompany published their list of 17 ideas that they believe will change the world. Among a strong field, one service stood out to me: Banqu. An American based company that seeks … Continue reading Blockchain for other people