My Favorite Sci-Fi Movies

I've always loved sci-fi. As an 80s kid, I basically grew up on Star Wars, and that fostered my love of sci-fi (though some people would claim Star Wars isn't "proper" sci-fi, but more space fantasy, as it contains magical elements). But as with any other genre, there's good and bad versions of it, and … Continue reading My Favorite Sci-Fi Movies

The State of The Home Office

COVID isn't gone, of course, but outside of a few select countries, it does seem like nation-wide lockdowns and work-from-home mandates are behind us for now. Which begs the question, where are we with working from home? First of all, it's been rebranded. Maybe its because "work from home" has a lockdown ring to it, … Continue reading The State of The Home Office

Friday Dose of Good News

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a method to create a plant oil from microalgae that can replace palm oil. Not only will this help save vulnerable jungle ecosystems, in particular in South-East Asia, as well as climate-critical mangrove growth, the oil it produces is also better for human consumption. Palm … Continue reading Friday Dose of Good News

Myth Tested: A Jab From The Past

I'm going to try and post semi-regular posts that test common myths, old and new. This first one is highly topical, and has to do with mRNA vaccines, the basis of several of the leading COVID-19 vaccines. Listen to anyone who are hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccines, and a concern they are very likely to … Continue reading Myth Tested: A Jab From The Past

Crypto is Dead, Long Live Crypto

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, the Chinese, and Elon Musk, oh my Supposedly, there's an ancient Chinese curse that goes "may you live in interesting times". And boy, have times been interesting for investors in cryptocurrency lately, with more ups and downs than a mountain trail run. The main player, of course, is Bitcoin. By far the most … Continue reading Crypto is Dead, Long Live Crypto

Finding A New Way(mo)

Waymo has changed leadership. What can we deduce (i.e. speculate) from the new faces? Waymo, the autonomous car wing of Alphabet, announced new leadership last week. For a long time, the company was headed by John Krafcik, who has extensive experience in the automotive industry. He is now stepping down, and leaving leadership to a … Continue reading Finding A New Way(mo)