Your privacy policy (probably) sucks

Many of us have one. All of us have agreed to one. And they pretty much all suck. I'm talking privacy policies here. And the reason I think they suck is because of all the ones I've read (and I've read quite a few), they've all taken liberties that go beyond their core needs. But, … Continue reading Your privacy policy (probably) sucks

Privacy Shots Fired!

Apple is back to setting the tech agenda, and this time, it's private! So, another Apple WWDC is over and done, and the rest of us can start dissecting it bit by bit, like fanboys and -girls going to town over a Star Wars or Marvel teaser trailer. And what did we learn? Sure, there … Continue reading Privacy Shots Fired!

Blockchain for other people

Blockchain isn't just a technology for the rich, spoiled day traders of Bitcoin (see what I think of Bitcoin as an investment vessel here). FastCompany published their list of 17 ideas that they believe will change the world. Among a strong field, one service stood out to me: Banqu. An American based company that seeks … Continue reading Blockchain for other people

Tesla Autopilot Hacked with Paper

Curses, foiled again! Like, almost literally, foiled. A group of white hat hackers recently "hacked" a Tesla's Autopilot function, and forced it to swerve into the opposite lane. And they did this using only white stickers. Essentially, the Tesla Autopilot uses camera technology to keep an eye on, among other things, the while lane markers … Continue reading Tesla Autopilot Hacked with Paper

Smartwatches: we’re not there yet

Even with the latest generation of smartwatches, we're only scratching the surface of what they should be After a bunch of research, I recently picked up the 4th generation Apple Watch. I ended up with Apple's version of a smartwatch after having tried Samsung Gear (love the bezel navigation, but the choice of apps is … Continue reading Smartwatches: we’re not there yet

Self-driving cars will force us to rethink the nature of our penal system

New technology has always challenged the status quo, but self-driving cars will force us to rethink the very nature of our penal and justice system. Self-driving cars are in many ways both right around the corner, and far into the future. The basic technology is here; the cars themselves, as well as the foundations of … Continue reading Self-driving cars will force us to rethink the nature of our penal system