Do We Need An AI Break?

Governance and regulation is falling behind current development. Is a pause in AI development the answer? An open letter penned by a number of AI researcher employed by large universities was published March 22nd, calling for a pause in AI development to allow for the development of safety protocols. The letter mentions a time period … Continue reading Do We Need An AI Break?

Playing By Numbers

Trigger warning: this post will seem cold and calculating Over the past few months, we've been seeing more and more talk about one or several COVID-19 vaccines coming through, there are two juxtaposing, but equally reasonable, points of view regarding when we introduce a future vaccine to the public. Point of view number one is … Continue reading Playing By Numbers

Boots On The Stairs

Why We Must Expect It To Happen Here In every part of the world, cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital ethics are very much on the agenda. I’ve noticed that it is a discussion with three main counterpoints, and a plethora of standpoints in between. First, there’s what I call the privacy first approach. Proponents of … Continue reading Boots On The Stairs