Friday Dose of Good News

Start the weekend right It's Friday, y'all! Not sure why I put the y'all there, as I've never actually lived in any state that uses that as part of their vocabulary, but it just seemed like it fit. But it is Friday, so we could all use a bit of good news to start the … Continue reading Friday Dose of Good News

A Spot of Good News

A weekly look at some good news from the world of tech, science, and humanity. In the beginning of the movie "Love Actually", Hugh Grant states in a voice-over that "General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed", but that he disagrees. Today, there seems to be … Continue reading A Spot of Good News

Tesla Autopilot Hacked with Paper

Curses, foiled again! Like, almost literally, foiled. A group of white hat hackers recently "hacked" a Tesla's Autopilot function, and forced it to swerve into the opposite lane. And they did this using only white stickers. Essentially, the Tesla Autopilot uses camera technology to keep an eye on, among other things, the while lane markers … Continue reading Tesla Autopilot Hacked with Paper

Smartwatches: we’re not there yet

Even with the latest generation of smartwatches, we're only scratching the surface of what they should be After a bunch of research, I recently picked up the 4th generation Apple Watch. I ended up with Apple's version of a smartwatch after having tried Samsung Gear (love the bezel navigation, but the choice of apps is … Continue reading Smartwatches: we’re not there yet