I’ve always taken pictures, and remember buying my first SLR when I was still a very young teenager. Back when I worked as a journalist, I was also my own photographer (the drawback of freelancing is that you rarely have the budget for a photographer), and I’ve kept up with it since.

Today I shoot a Nikon D750 with an assortment of lenses, but I prefer primes whenever possible. I do have zooms, but where when I was a newbie photographer I viewed zooms as the go-to lenses, and primes as the special case choice, today I do the opposite. Eighty percent of my photos are probably taken with primes, with zooms reserved for the relatively few cases where the versatility of a zoom outweighs the drawbacks.

I also shoot a lot with my iPhone. With the camera options in the newest models, I find you can do much of what you can do with a DSLR, and even do in-unit editing that is satisfactory. No, a smartphone can’t do what a DSLR can, and I doubt they’ll ever be able to (capturing light is a process that is dependent on the laws of physics, after all), but as they say “the best camera is the one you have on you”, and most of us have our smartphones on us at all times.

I’ll add a small portfolio of some of my favorite shots here at a later date.