A simple solution to help customers digitally book and prepare for their meetings with the bank, as well as conduct meetings online.

Taking a hint from the service industry, the goal was to create a solution that allowed customers, current and new, to quickly and easily book a banking meeting online. Moving away from the traditional setup, where customers would need to call or message their bank to request a meeting, essentially putting the bank in the driver’s seat when it came to the planning, we turned the tables and put the customer in charge.

Design-wise, we aimed to make the solution seem very familiar by drawing inspiration from other online appointment booking tools, from movie theaters, hairdressers, and restaurants. Customers can choose a date, a time, and a person to speak to. Based on the topic, the system generates time slots appropriate for the given topic (a new mortgage for a first time home owner takes longer than a talk to a student about a small loan for a new computer).

To ensure convenience and safety, we created a secure online space where employee and customer could share information, including uploading tax info, budgets, and any other info relevant to the meeting.

Finally, the meeting could be held in person or via a secure digital feed, allowing customers to take the meeting in the comfort of their own home, if they preferred it.