Do We Need An AI Break?

Governance and regulation is falling behind current development. Is a pause in AI development the answer? An open letter penned by a number of AI researcher employed by large universities was published March 22nd, calling for a pause in AI development to allow for the development of safety protocols. The letter mentions a time period … Continue reading Do We Need An AI Break?

SVB has gone broke. Now what?

Silicon Valley Bank, or SVB among friends, was a Silicon Valley institution. Operating in the bay area for decades, it was where many startups got their first business loan, and a lot of tech industry workers had their private banking business there, too. I was a customer there, too, for a while back when I … Continue reading SVB has gone broke. Now what?

How Google Became The Incumbent

AI shots were fired in the past week, and one company's volley missed it's mark entirely. We're witnessing an interesting, almost seismic, shift in the tech industry these days. And no, I'm not talking about the layoffs that have swept the tech industry, tragic as they are (but tech isn't somehow impervious to macro economic … Continue reading How Google Became The Incumbent

Innovation: How To Know What To Do

If you have the right mandate, working in Digital Innovation you should have a pretty broad range of products, technologies, and projects you can do. But this can lead to paralysis-by-options, where what can do keeps you from figuring out what you should do. But there's a fix. Knowing how to prioritize any new proposal … Continue reading Innovation: How To Know What To Do

The State of The Home Office

COVID isn't gone, of course, but outside of a few select countries, it does seem like nation-wide lockdowns and work-from-home mandates are behind us for now. Which begs the question, where are we with working from home? First of all, it's been rebranded. Maybe its because "work from home" has a lockdown ring to it, … Continue reading The State of The Home Office

Jet Packs To The Rescue!

Imagine this scenario: you're out hiking in the British mountains, maybe in Wales (by the famous Brekin Beacons) or the famous Lake District, when you trip, fall, and injure your leg. You're unable to walk another step. You pull out your phone and place a call to the authorities, but you're a good hours hike … Continue reading Jet Packs To The Rescue!

What Comes After The Lab?

Innovation labs are changing, and some are shuttering their doors. What comes next? There was a time, about 2 years ago, when everyone wanted an innovation lab. It was the shibboleth of legacy companies who wanted to join the cool, creative world of Silicon Valley-inspired startup culture. Now, I'm seeing a lot of these labs … Continue reading What Comes After The Lab?