I don’t do many talks these days, and many of the ones I do are in closed forums; corporate events, think tanks, networks, and at universities. But when there is an event that is open, I’ll post it here, along with any sign-up info if you want to join.

If you’ve already participated in a talk, and you’re looking for material from it, go to the link to the shownotes for the talk. Or visit my Shownotes page, where it will be listed if the arrangers have made it an open event.

If you’re interested in having me come and do a talk at an event, here are some of the topics I usually talk about:

  • Innovation, both at the corporate and societal level
  • Automation and AI
  • The future of work, including managing remote teams
  • Design thinking, design sprints, pretotyping
  • Presentation technique

For other topics, reach out and let’s see if there’s a match. You can use the Contact page for it.